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The leaves swirl, born aloft by the chill autumn wind, unaware of the girl with the dark hair standing in their midst. She clutches her binder to her chest, the white plastic making it harder to breathe, but she doesn't notice. Her eyes are locked on the near distance, stare glassy in wonder.
The boy stands a little ways away, on the other side of the fall storm, laughing, blue eyes alight on a girl standing in front of him. The girl, long, auburn hair swishing, smiles at him and starts to leave. He grabs her wrist, lightly, like holding a fragile being, the arm of one who could shatter at any given moment. His mouth moves, and she nods, smiling and twirling away. Thursday night, at 7.
The dark-haired girl barely moves, barely breathes, imagining herself a wounded animal lying in the leaves in the middle of the school yard. That way her emotions would match her appearance. Dead. Chest torn out, ripped apart, the blood pooling around her.
The boy turns, sends a smile her way, and saunte
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There are faces in the trees
She pointed,
Tracing invisible lines
With dreaming fingers
Imaginary worlds
:iconravenclaw99:ravenclaw99 1 5
In her arms he was safe, from the world, from the people in it. Sometimes it felt like everyone else was just ghosts; they were the only ones that really existed, felt life. Her hands were so small, he could fit them in his perfectly. He would lift her up and spin her around, her hand on his heart, his in her waist. He watched her dance when she thought he wasn't looking, the way she could move like there was something inside her trying to get out. She called it contemporary. Sometimes he would write poetry for her, but he had filled two notebooks before he had the courage to show her. When he did, he bought a ring to go with it.
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Pushing past oblivion
Worn heart strings
A rhythm
Stolen pieces
Warmth back
Dead nerves
Shattered hearts
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We hang all our memories there, off those warped wooden clips from a dust yellow wire, swaying in the breeze from a thousand voices.
A thousand worlds yet to be explored.
Yet the memories still outnumber them.
The memories are what keep me hanging, imagining the cold wood digging into the top of my skull like a knife.
I don't know where you've gone, yet somehow I don't care.
The memories tether me here, in this fallen-apart place.
My hair as long as my dress, the color of the sun.
Hanging from the clothesline.
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Because I am strong
I'll see you again someday. I won't stop for you. I'll walk on, keeping my head held high, because you can't crush me. No matter how many times you ignore me, purposely never saying my name, I'll still have the strength to walk away from you. Hearts are like birds, fluttering so fast, flying away before you can stop them. But one day, they'll come back.
Mine will never go back to you.
Because I am strong.
:iconravenclaw99:ravenclaw99 2 0
He walks to the viewing room slowly, overcome with emotions. Below, she's reading, legs crossed on her bed. He wants to turn away, knowing he shouldn't be here, but he can't. Or won't. He runs his fingers through his short hair nervously, scared of being discovered. His hair was so long then. He sinks into a chair, and looks back down at her. His first love, the girl he couldn't live without. But he'd been stupid, he thinks. He'd taken it all for granted, and now she's gone, never to return. She was so beautiful, curly golden hair thrown over one shoulder, eyes lowered. The sun illuminates her face, and he can't help but smile.
Her eyes skim over the page, but all she's thinking of is him. She was so stupid, but isn't everybody that way when they're in love? Now the only thing she knows for sure is that he'll never take her back.
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I'll be there for you
What happens when there's no one left?
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I apologize
To the empty room;
You're gone now.
With tears streaming down my face,
I can't help but say sorry
Over and over.
I'm so sorry for being me.
:iconravenclaw99:ravenclaw99 2 5


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Guys, I made a new account! Finally! :iconthekoigirl: 
I won't take this one down or anything, I will just stop being active on this account. I am currently transferring everything from this account to my new one D: (It's going to take foreeevveeeer I'm watching so many people!) I hope everyone who watches me will continue to do so over there. Thanks so much for the great times on this account! 
EDIT: That's a lie I will still be faving stuff probably on here and checking up sometimes. Just not posting anything. 
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You can call me Ari C:

I like scribbling down anything that comes to mind including poems and stories, reading about things that don't exist, and dancing around.

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